Roundup of Unusual Size: Did you miss me, Los Angeles?

Because I missed you. At least, I missed my bed.

While you wait here reading this, so many links are being left unclicked. Hit the jump and get to it!



Alfred MacDonald wants you all to know that games are not toys, in a new blog post detailing review models and how games are rated in our current review culture.

Surprise, surprise: George Hotz and Sony have reached a settlement.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;

A new opinion piece by John Walker asks that we stop calling things “cross-genre.”

PC Mag;

Despite the settlement, Anonymous is planning a Sony boycott. Um… guys, go back to defending WikiLeaks and raiding Scientology.

The Escapist;

Our old titans of the games vlogging circuit Yahtzee, Moviebob and James Portnow bring Mikey Newman into the fold for a discussion on treatments of morality in game systems.

PC Gamer;

Lucas Sullivan has a cool piece –that’s been traded around the blogs a lot today– about doing a complete pacifist run in World of Warcraft.



A neat opinion piece arguing that Jesus would believe in evolution- and so should Christians.

The Achilles Effect;

Need a neat visual aid for the gender stratification of kids’ toy marketing? Have a look.


Top 10 Reasons Ayn Rand was Dead Wrong, although you wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find, oh, a few dozen more.

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