Roundup of Unusual Size: Marxist Iron Man and unreliable narrators.

So. Today. Was certainly a day.

Hoo, I’m exhausted and I have a shuttle to catch back to Newark in the morning and then an Eric Swain to meet in the afternoon and a plane to catch in the evening and aaaa some days you just want to sit and watch pony cartoons.

Had a… Well, I won’t say a great time at the conference today, through no fault on the part of my fellow presenters or my magnificent audience, I just know I didn’t do my topic justice. If you’re curious what it was about, you’ll find out Tuesday– as I plan to expand on the subject in a little miniseries for Moving Pixels.

On to links!



Christian McCrea (whose gender I accidentally flopped yesterday– sorry!) has an appropriately named blog post up about Australia’s lack of an R18+ rating: A History of Stupid.


Connor Cleary shoots fish in the sort of schadenfreudistic barrel you love, writing about Homefront‘s misaligned priorities.

Discount Thoughts;

Sparky Clarkson has a bit of a retort about Enslaved‘s portrayal of femininity with Trip. For my part, I will always contend that the best hypermodernist mashup of The Journey West‘s Tripitaka character will always be Gensomaden Saiyuki‘s Genjo Sanzo. Now that’s a Buddhist priest on a pilgrimage.

Critical Missive;

Eric Schwartz beats me to it with a post looking at Dragon Age II‘s unreliable narrator. He’s not entirely enthusiastic, however.



You know what your night needs? A Marxist interpretation of Iron Man from China Mieville.

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