Roundup of Unusual Size: I hate flying.

Hello, Jersey. You are wet.



It’s experts blogs day! Let’s see what roundup editor Tom Curtis has for us.

First up, Christian McCrea is all too eager to drive another nail in gamification’s coffin. Or a stake through its heart, you know, whatever it takes.

Next, Evan Jones beats that familiar (but always entertaining) dead horse, ironically resurrecting the “are games art” debate by telling us to stop debating it.

Christopher Totten has some ideas on how the 3DS can change everything.


Jason Scott has a new column. It’s about GDC stuff. Read it.

Also, Gregory Weir grants us a look at character progression in F.E.A.R.. Worth a look.

PopMatters Moving Pixels;

My colleague Nick Dinicola looks at the railroading lack of choice in Dragon Age II.

Kirk Hamilton;

Kirk finally sits us down and explains what the hell Suparna Galaxy, since he and Leigh Alexander have half of Twitter confused.


Michael Thomsen has a post comparing Arthur and Kirby’s Epic Yarn with some musings on maturity.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;

More Mass Effect 3 spoilers than you can shake a stick at! This isn’t critical in the slightest, but it IS relevant to my interests. My very turian-shaped interests.


Great podcast featuring Courtney Stanton on “empathy, rape culture, and how to tummel haters.”



Who’s got your Game of Thrones back? io9 does. Here’s a 25-minute documentary on HBO’s new series and here are some more notes on the adaptation.

Fuck You, Gearbox

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;

No, seriously. Fuck you.

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