Roundup of Unusual Size: *flail*

I'm sorry, he's just... so pretty. :(

I’m about an hour from being whisked away to the airport for my flight to Jersey! And no, I haven’t slept yet.

Let’s get right to it with some delicious links. Because last I checked, LAX doesn’t have free wi-fi, just a lot of gropers and cancer-machines.



We start off with an essay by Tadhg Kelly on visual vs. action oriented design. A little brief but a nice, thought-provoking breakdown.

Joystick Division;

James Hawkins takes us through 10 great video game ensemble casts. I have some disagreements with his selection, but hey, that’s probably just my fan bias talking. All of the ones he lists are unquestionably of high grade stuff.

One more game blog;

PW Shea has a bit of a link roundup with some commentary on Dragon Age 2. Which, if you follow my Twitter, you know is reason enough for me, but this article also goes further to offer some fresh critique I’m happy to see regarding the game.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;

Quintin Smith (who is my second favorite Quintin, after the Flynn one) has a great interview up with The Mittani, one of the most powerful gamers on EVE Online: Audience with the King of Space.


Modern Broad;

This is just pure geekiness. Glen Keane’s notes! Excuse me while I nerd out.



I don’t know about you, but I’m super pumped for Hanna. I didn’t luck out and get to see it at a preview screening on campus last week but I DO plan to make it a priority on my return from the East Coast. Charlie Jane Anders has yet another article on why it’s good that we’re excited.



A colleague-of-a-professor-of-mine has a great exploratory piece with some pull-quotes discussing the nature of WikiLeaks, asking: Threat, menace, or harbinger of democracy?


And it’s barely even news at this point but Anonymous would like you to know that they’ve stopped harshing your PSN groove. Download at will, ladies and gentlemen.



Oh Alasdair Williams, you and your hyperbole. Still, exciting subatomic sciencey stuff.

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