Roundup of Unusual Size: Guess what I’m making tonight.

Way to blow the week’s food budget trying to imitate Jeff Bridges, Ligman.

(What do you mean, “it’s only Tuesday”? I’ll be in Jersey on Friday so this is my last day of classes for the week. Fsk yeah grad school.)

Only game-related links tonight, so this roundup is completely irrelevant to those who follow more than one gaming news publication. I tried to make up for it with more commentary than usual. My goal now would seem to slowly morph this into a daily version of Critical Distance’s weekly roundups, minus the erm, critical incisiveness or notability or um.

… :/


Blog: Dragon Age 2, and what Terminator 2 can teach RPGs
Blog: Short Brown-Haired Guys

The Escapist;
Even Yahtzee romanced Anders

Leigh Alexander;
Why Don’t I Lose Myself in Games Anymore?

Joystick Division;
Zangief Kid Gets His Own Video Game

Wired Game|Life;
How “Hot Coffee” Landed Rockstar in Hot Water

Christine Love;
I haven’t played it yet but Denis Farr says he imagines my voice as Kendall so my vanity compels me to link this. Also it happens to be the sequel to Digital: A Love Story. So.

Eric Swain;
Hey, Eric has this humongous link roundup of responses to Roger Ebert’s “games aren’t art” proclamation. He says he’s not updating it anymore. He SAYS that.

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