Roundup of Unusual Size: Ben Abraham, you have broken my digital heart.

Sssso not much got done this weekend, regarding layout redesign and updating feeds and such like. Actually, completely unrelated to my Internet Marriage and subsequent Internet Divorce (sniffle), I came down with a sudden case of intense pain. Which is totally a legitimate medical condition; you can look it up.

Anyway, a couple days of nausea and hibernation later, I’m back. It’s all good because yesterday I was supposed to announce that the ROUSes will be taking Sundays off anyway, since it’s such a slow news day. Still debating what to fill the gap with, but as I’m going to be gone in New Jersey this weekend (hello, Eric) at a games studies conference, that will just… have to be looked at later. Trust me, you’ll be the first ones to know.


Why isn’t Shakespeare cosplay more popular? I for one have totally dressed up as Puck

Media Studies

Henry Jenkins;
Check Out Student Work from Annenberg Innovation Lab Conference Full disclosure: I know the Combiform guys and they rock!


Huge, Fan-Made Streets of Rage Remake Now Out

Wired Game|Life;
How to Beat Every Mario Game – Simultaneously

Student Project Grav Showcased at NYU Game Center Open House

Plot is Gameplay’s Bitch;
10 Tips on How to Become a Professional Games Writer

3am thinkings;

Larval Subjects;
Gamification as a New Diagram of Power?

Spectacle Rock;
The Killer

Above 49;
What is Forfeit

digital romance lab;
On Simulation, Science, and Love

Gamer Gyrl;
Hot Chicks Don’t Play Games

Reddit Gaming (thanks, Eric Swain and Ian Miles Cheong!);
Upcoming titles; a good future for video games?


I Demand More Zombie-Killing Female Role Models
George R.R. Martin talks about world-building, tinkering, and the ending of Lost
Watch the first 12 minutes of HBO’s Game of Thrones now!

lol hax

Oh, Turns Out You CAN Run Gmail Using Kinect


Hacker Group Anonymous Threatens Sony Sites Over PS3 Hacking Lawsuit


Missing antineutrinos could solve the dark matter mystery

O Academia

First Monday;
How college students use the Web to conduct everyday life research

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