Roundup of Unusual Size: And don’t even think of using autofire or I’ll… wait.

I may need to just not play my consoles from now till November. This Xbox heats up the apartment something awful, even with the ceiling fan on. Blech.

A nice wholesome collection of links tonight. I’ll be reviewing my feeds this weekend to start bolstering this new more focused approach of mine. Those interested in a more qualitative, weekly roundup are encouraged, as always, to subscribe to Critical Distance!


Blog: Part of a Balanced Breakfast

-Emily Short: Pride and Prejudice and Plot

Rock, Paper, Shotgun;
Eric Chahi Says Originality is Coming Back

Michael Abbott;
The gamer’s game.

Dan Bruno;

Joystick Division;
The Top Ten Most Exciting Video Game Developers Right Now

Moving Beyond Bikinis & Beefcakes

L.A. Noire tech is “interesting dead end”


The fittest and the unfit can actually survive side by side

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