Roundup of Unusual Size: No one can resist the Taint.

So I played the new Mass Effect 2 DLC. And was just blown away by all the player choices and interactive storytelling and all that stuff you could do! Yeah, man! GAMES!

So… yeah. Then I went and did other stuff. Y’know, on the second playthrough, Cailan and Alistair really do seem a lot alike.

Relatively short list tonight, although it comes with some wonderful in-depth pieces- and a new Child of Eden trailer! Yay!


Konami Promotes Hideo Kojima to Vice President

Interview: Spaces of Play on Spirits and the Creative Uncommon
Defying Design: Bait and Switch

PopMatters Moving Pixels;
Be Careful What You Say: Conversation in the Dragon Age Series

This Child of Eden Trailer is Gaming Synaesthesia


Cartoon Brew;
Invader Zim script reading


Joystick Division;
Silent Hill Fan Film is Pretty Flipping Nuts


For your brain, romantic rejection is the same thing as being physically burned

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