Roundup of Unusual Size: Andraste loves me, this I know.

Tonight’s collection features a decently hearty assortment of Tuesday links, rife with dead horse beating and mad science. Away we go!


Blog: The RPG Conundrum
Blog: The Fight, Flight or Button Mash Response: Fear and Arousal in Gaming
Microsoft Research Details Faster Method for Identifying Player Bodies on Kinect
Metacritic Removes Individual Developer Scores, Still ‘A Work in Progress’

A pair of pieces critical of gamification:

Nil Point


Gamification: Ditching reality for a game isn’t as fun as it sounds.

Joystick Division;
Five Things we Learned from Fallout

Radiant Silvergun and an Argument for Games that Ebert Appreciates

Little does Kotaku know that Eric Swain over at The Game Critique has already handily dismantled Blake William’s post for you all.


netpoetic (via Nick Montfort);
Introduction to Electronic Literature: a freeware guide


Every exoplanet orbiting every star discovered by the Kepler telescope
Nanogenerators powered by your heartbeat could replace batteries in five years, say chemists

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